Another Geomag-style video, this time I built the Eiffel Tower made of Magnets. I hope you find it satisfying and relaxing in ASMR style. If you liked this video, put a like and subscribe to my channel 🙂 I thank for providing these magnets for free. Here are the magnets and steel balls used […]
A magnetic drawing that becomes real, thanks to Marcello Barenghi for his amazing and hyperrealistic drawing. This is the third video Magnet Satisfaction much appreciated by ASMR lovers. If you want to see the entire video of the magnetic cubes drawing click here. Here is the link to the magnets 10mm spheres: […]
I made this MG sculpture with magnetic balls to update the header of my channel with a custom shape. I used these 10 mm balls and these of 5 mm LIKE & SUBSCRIBE HERE: WATCH MY TOP VIDEOS HERE: On my channel you will find all the ways to have fun […]
How cool is the orange death magnet? I love it. The power of this magnet is always the same: crazy. So, if you can not resist hurry because there are only 1500, this is the link to buy it 🙂 Death Magnet Limited Edition : LIKE & SUBSCRIBE HERE: WATCH MY TOP VIDEOS […]
Blocks, a fun magnetic game that you can buy by clicking this link LIKE & SUBSCRIBE HERE: WATCH MY TOP VIDEOS HERE: On my channel you will find all the ways to have fun with magnets divided into 3 main categories: Classical magnetic experiments such as magnetic levitation, homopolar motors, small magnetic […]
If you want to buy this set with the 25% discount click on the link below and enter the coupon code ‘magneticgames’ on checkout The Triumph Set by Zen Magnet is the ideal package if you want to make a gift, 216 high quality magnetic balls with which you can be creative. LIKE & […]
Another video in the Magnet Satisfaction series, a huge cube made of magnetic balls, to be precise 19872 magnetic balls, 92 sets of 216 balls. I hope it is also appreciated by ASMR lovers. Do you like Magnetic Balls? Click the link below Please use coupon code “magneticgames” to get 25% OFF Tesseract Set : […]
Venom, the next film Marvel, went out to the cinema in a few days. This is the magnetic version of Venom’s head made with 1050 magnetic balls of 10mm and about 1,2 Kg of magnetic slime. I took the magnetic spheres here : For the teeth I used these magnets : The magnetic […]
Placing magnetite on many levels allows us to have three-dimensional perception of the magnetic field. I have obtained this magnetite by extracting it from the sand, but the same effect can be obtained with the iron filings, which are attracted by the magnets with a higher force compared to the magnetite. In the first part […]
Perhaps observing the destruction of these magnetic sculptures in reverse is more satisfying than in the right direction. Many of you have commented that you were disappointed by my latest video of destruction of magnet sculptures. Please let me know in the comments what you think of this video. Here is the link to […]