I didn’t use all my magnetic balls, but almost. I hope that the construction of this giant cube of magnetic balls will give you the relaxation and tranquility I felt in building it. Do you like Magnetic Balls? Please use coupon code “magneticgames” to get 25% OFF Tesseract Set : http://bit.ly/2lx8NLn Polymer Coated : http://bit.ly/2AKJYUZ […]
A new video of the Magnet Satisfaction series, this time two magnetic sculptures, a dome and a hyperbolic octahedron. I thank Supermagnete.com for providing me the free magnets. If you want to reproduce these geometric sculptures you need the following magnets: Dome 2000 x 10mm Magnetic Balls https://sumag.net/k-10-c-x02 Hyperbolic Octahedron 84 x 20mm Steel spheres […]
After the video in which cubes of magnetic balls were swallowed by monster magnets, here’s the version with magnetic sculptures. The result is similar but for me the satisfaction is even greater :). The Goliath is so powerful that it has broken many of the geomag-style star magnets. Here the magnets used in the collisions […]
After the construction here is the destruction. There are those who are satisfied there are those who are disappointed, but there is no doubt that should be done, to make new magnetic sculptures I must destroy the old ones. If you can’t resist their attraction … 26 mm Balls : https://sumag.net/k-26-c-x01 10mm Magnetic Balls https://sumag.net/k-10-c-x02 […]
I have received many requests from my fans to build the Royal Clock Tower near Mecca and here you are satisfied. I hope you like it and please leave your opinion in the comments and other suggestions for the construction of other buildings and monuments. I will surely read all your proposals and I will […]
The coupling of bar magnets and 20mm steel balls works, the result of this soccer ball (or Fullerene molecule) is satisfactory, the sounds are different from the usual but I like them, do you like them too? here the links of the Magnets needed 270 x Rod magnet 5x25mm : https://sumag.net/s-05-25-n-x02 80 x Steel Balls […]
A Cube made of 10 mm magnetic balls and an octahedron of magnetic cubes and steel balls. When I finished building them, I realized that the cube could contain the octahedron, and I put it in it 🙂 If you want to reproduce these geometric sculptures you need the following magnets: CUBE 1944 x 10mm […]
I assure you that the impact between the Monolith and 2592 magnetic balls scared me. The collision of magnets was violent and the balls were splashed all over the room. I wore protective glasses at every impact, and it served. Here the magnets used in the collisions Death Magnet: https://sumag.net/limited-edition-x01 Goliath : https://sumag.net/goliath-x01 Monolith: https://sumag.net/monolith-x02 […]
Sardinia, in Italy, is a marvel in the middle of the Mediterranean sea. In addition to holidays on these beautiful beaches I found different types of magnetite. Even though the beaches are very white, I found magnetite in different sizes, from magnetite dust in the beach of San Teodoro to the large natural magnets of […]
WOW this is satisfaction. This gigantic octahedron is the largest magnetic sculpture I have ever made, it is 55 cm high. And the sound of the magnets is satisfactory or not? let me know in the comments To build it you need the following magnets and steel balls 1284 x Rod magnet 5x25mm : https://sumag.net/s-05-25-n-x02 […]