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High speed levitating motor | Magnetic Games


A levitating homopolar motor, this is an experiment that I did for the first time 5 years ago with great difficulty, today, with better, more powerful and copper-coated magnets I am surprised at the simplicity with which I have achieved an incredible result. The engine is so powerful that the rotor easily explodes for rotation.

These are the magnets used
Copper Coated Discs http://sumag.net/s-15-08-k-x01
Disc with holes http://sumag.net/cs-s-15-04-n-x01
Galvanized parallelepiped http://sumag.net/q-18-15-10-z-x01
Thanks to Supermagnete.com for providing me with these free magnets.

The polarity of the magnets near battery is very important. I try to outline the position.

S-N battery N-S (With this configuration wheel on one side)
N-S battery S-N (With this configuration wheel on the other side)
S-N battery S-N (Do Not work)
N-S battery N-S (Do Not work)

The 18650 lithium-ion battery also played a key role in making the engine reach this speed.

The link to my old homopolar levitating motor video

Thanks to Sound Effect Channel for the SloMo audio effect https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWfTQ7o2S9zGRQHXVBgYLpg

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High speed levitating motor | Magnetic Games

Magnetic Games

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