Racing Magnet Car, Homopolar party

Magnetic Games

This is the most fun homopolar motor I’ve ever done, the magnet car. I found the right combination of battery, total weight and magnet power. The acceleration and speed are so high that the rotor slides on the aluminum foil due to centrifugal force. For those who do not yet know this experiment it is […]


LEVITATION , neodymium magnet repulsion

Magnetic Games

Precarious balance levitation . An horizontal swipe the structure collapses Related posts: Two Levels of Levitation Levitating Magnets, Multi Magnetic Levitation DIAMAGNETIC ACCELERATOR V-Gate Levitation Cannon LEVITRON spinning top magnetic levitation



Magnetic Games

WOW i love magnets, this sculpture gave me an unexpected satisfaction tell me if it makes the same effect. 488 neodymium magnet cubes (10x10x10 mm). total weight 3.5 Kg. A magnetic sculpture that if will be appreciated by my wonderful audience I will reply in awesome variants. Thank you very much for the wonderful products […]

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