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ASMR Magnetic Fields, Crumpling and Visual Trigger


If you ask how I can visualize the magnetic fields so incredibly look at my previous video on how I built a FERROCELL that would be the glass on which I support the magnetic letters.

Here’s another ASMR video, Today I can see how deforming magnetic fields by building a magnet written. In the background sounds of plastic and aluminum foil crumbs. This video I used to create the image of the header of my channel was a long work especially during photo editing where I had to combine the images of letters shot to pairs trying to match the magnetic fields between a letter and the other. Compound written is of course “Magnetic Games” if you arrive at the end of the video can see the final result.

Here are links of the magnets used
Spheres: https://sumag.net/k-10-c-x01
Cubes: https://sumag.net/w-10-n-x01

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