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Powerful COILGUN | Magnetic Games


This is a completely analogue coilgun, generally the ignition timing of the coil is electronically regulated to be precise and performing, I wanted to experiment with a fuse system that allows you to obtain a similar result.
The fuse system is more spectacular but very difficult to calibrate. The goal is to have the coil generate the magnetic field for only a fraction of a second, only until the projectile reaches the center of the coil. When the projectile reaches the center of the coil the magnetic field must cancel out to allow the projectile to exit at maximum speed.
Optimizing this system cost me a lot of time in testing each component of the experiment such as:
1) the distance of the projectile from the coil (for this reason the graduated barrels),
2) the dimensions of the fuse made with aluminum foil (6mm wide for the ball throw and 8mm for the pointed projectile)
3) the power delivered by the capacitors, initially I would have liked to put 4 63V 0.1F capacitors in series but having achieved a rather scary result with only 2 capacitors or preferred not to add others.
Obviously changing one of the aforementioned parameters slightly forced me to recalibrate the other 2.

I thank my friend Ferdinando for the help he gave me in carrying out this experiment

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Powerful COILGUN | Magnetic Games

Magnetic Games

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