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Magnetic Vibrations, Extreme Satisfaction | Magnet Tricks & Magnetic Games

Magnetic Games
New magnetic vibrations, new magnetic sounds and new satisfaction for you. Below are the links of all the magnets used in this video, from supermagnete.com Musical instrument: https://sumag.net/s-06-06-n-x01 https://sumag.net/s-06-08-n-x01 https://sumag.net/s-08-08-k-x01 https://sumag.net/s-10-10-n-x01 https://sumag.net/r-12-05-12-n-x01 https://sumag.net/w-06-n-x02 https://sumag.net/w-10-n-x01 https://sumag.net/w-12-n-x01 Round array: https://sumag.net/q-30-12-12-z-x02 https://sumag.net/s-12-05-n-x02 https://sumag.net/s-05-05-n-x02 Checkerboard array: https://sumag.net/s-06-08-n-x01 https://sumag.net/q-20-20-03-x02 I thank Magnet Tricks for this collaboration. Visit his channel. https://www.youtube.com/user/baspar2 […]