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3 Simple Magnetic Experiment to do at Home | Magnetic Games


Thanks to supermagnete.com for providing me with free magnets. Here are the details of the 3 experiments.

Nails in repulsion.
The nails are magnetized by the super magnet all with the same polarity, therefore between them there is magnetic repulsion and they are equidistant from each other going to reposition themselves after inserting a new nail. I used this magnet which is huge and very powerful, but you can do the experiment by scaling it and using smaller magnet and nails.
S-70-35-N http://sumag.net/s-70-35-n-x01

Spinning top with tractor beam
A game of attraction and repulsion forces make the top stand at a fixed distance from the magnetic tower as if it were a tractor beam.
Magnets to build the spinning top
Inner Ring http://sumag.net/fe-r-22-06-05-x01
Outer Ring http://sumag.net/fe-r-40-22-09-x01
cs-s-42-04-n https://sumag.net/cs-s-42-04-n-x01

Double Gauss Cannon
this is a common experiment, but who had already seen the double Gauss cannon?
S-20-10-N https://sumag.net/s-20-10-n
Steel balls 20mm https://sumag.net/st-k-20-n-x01
s-10-10-n http://sumag.net/s-10-10-n-x01
Steel balls 10mm https://sumag.net/st-k-10-n-x01

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3 Simple Tricks to do at Home with Magnets | Magnetic Games

Magnetic Games

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