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3 Magnetic Launchers in Slow Motion | Magnet Tricks & Magnetic Games

Magnetic Games
Thanks to the Magnet Tricks channel for this new collaboration, this is his channel. https://www.youtube.com/c/Cobrakiller2000 These 3 magnetic launchers are really cool, do you like the slow motion? Below is the list of magnets needed to build them, all from supermagnete.com. Block Magnet https://sumag.net/q-40-10-05-n-x01 Ring Magnet https://sumag.net/r-20-04-05-n-x01 Disc Magnet https://sumag.net/cs-s-42-04-n-x01 Rod Magnet https://sumag.net/s-10-40-n-x01 Death Magnet […]