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World Record Weight of Diamagnetic Levitation | Magnet Tricks & Magnetic Games


This is a true diamagnetic levitation record, 780 grams in diamagnetic suspension, thanks to the Magnet Tricks channel for this incredible result, this is his channel where you will find many levitation experiments https://www.youtube.com/user/baspar2

Here the little golden cube used in this video

Diamagnetic suspension levitation of checkerboard pattern polarity array
It’s impressive how heavy loads can be levitated with electromagnetism, whole trains are able to float! On the other hand it’s marvellous that by utilizing diamagnetism, passive, non-power-supply levitation can be achieved in room temperature. Even the most diamagnetic material repels both poles of a strong neodymium magnet just very weakly. Suspended by another magnet above, big magnets on their own can not be levitated over pyrolytic graphite. An one inch neodymium cube is already way too big to be succesfully suspended in air over pyrolytic graphite. South and north poles in a checkerboard pattern, facing pyrolytic graphite provide surprisingly lot of lift. Magnetic flux is densest where the south and north are making contact so an array is able to provide a great deal of more lift compared to a single magnet. Half of the cube magnets are repelling the top magnet, but when a strong attracting magnet is attached on top of the array, the repulsion is overpowered with attraction. 676 pieces of 5mm cube magnets, 6 pieces of Ø20x5mm disk magnets and a 30mm sphere magnet were used to create this array that weighs a total of 780 grams!

Fact sheet:
Besides being the most diamagnetic material known to man, pyrolytic graphite has amazing properties in thermal and electrical conductivity and also exhibit robust mechanical properties in particular its resistance to bending stresses. Pyrolytic graphite is a 3D version of graphene – not just one but multiple layers of carbon atoms arranged into a hexagonal crystalline structure.

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World Record Weight of Diamagnetic Levitation | Magnet Tricks & Magnetic Games

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