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Death Magnet Levitation and Induction Tricks | Magnetic Games


The Death Magnet weighs 0.5 kg, but with this trick using magnetic induction you can easily levitate it. The other tricks in this video also exploit the principles of magnetic induction and Lenz’s law.

I thank Supermagnete.com for giving me the magnets for free, here are the links to the products.
Orange Death Magnet : https://sumag.net/limited-edition-x01
Big Ferrite Magnets : https://sumag.net/fe-s-100-15-x01
Flux Detector : https://sumag.net/flux-detect-xl-x01
12mm Cube : https://sumag.net/w-12-n-x01

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The magnetism has always intrigued me. The strength of the magnets is scientifically explainable but there’s something “magical” about its interaction with the world. My Channel offers you curious experiments and fun games to do with magnets.

Death Magnet Levitation and Induction Tricks | Magnetic Games

Magnetic Games

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