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Magnet Satisfaction 101%


After the incredible success of my video ‘Magnet satisfaction 100%’ (reached 30 M view in these days) here is the second version 1% more satisfying than the first :). In this video you will find the most satisfying parts of the videos I’ve made in the last few months plus some unpublished magnetic sculptures.
This video can be much appreciated by the ASMR lovers, tell me what you think about the sounds of the magnets in comments

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These are the magnets I used for this video
10mm spheres: https://sumag.net/k-10-c-x02
10mm cubes: https://sumag.net/w-10-n-x01

On my channel you will find all the ways to have fun with magnets divided into 3 main categories:
Classical magnetic experiments such as magnetic levitation, homopolar motors, small magnetic weapons, Gauss cannons, gears, magnetic field viewers and much more.
Satisfaction video like the construction of magnetic sculptures, slime and magnetic putty and product review.
ASMR relaxing videos to watch but above all to listen preferably with stereo headphones to be able to appreciate the particular sounds of the magnets

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