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Insane Magnet Tower in Slow Motion


Bringing super powerful magnets can be extremely dangerous, do not do this experiment at home. Now that I have the giant magnets separator I can afford this madness, a tower made with the biggest magnets I have, it looks like a trophy 🙂

These are the magnets I used in the order you saw in the tower. I thank supermagnete.com for providing these magnets for free.

Big Sphere K-40 https://sumag.net/k-40-c-x01
q-30-30-15-n https://sumag.net/q-30-30-15-n-x01
s-35-20-n https://sumag.net/s-35-20-n-x01
s-45-30-n https://sumag.net/s-45-30-n-x01
Death Magnet https://sumag.net/death-magnet-x02
Goliath https://sumag.net/goliath-x01
Monolith https://sumag.net/monolith-x02

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