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Magnetic Slime Timelapse


Magnetic slime, like magnetic putty, is amazing. I like to film the slime behavior in the presence of powerful magnets. With these neodymium magnets, the biggest and powerful magnets of supermagnete.com, which I was given for free, I had to make so much slime, half a kilo, to cover them completely. Video playback speeds range from 8x to 64x to get the timelapse effect.

Here are the links of supermagnete.com magnets used in the video:

Monolith: https://sumag.net/monolith-x02
Death Magnet: https://sumag.net/death-magnet-x02
Ferrite Ring: https://sumag.net/fe-r-100-60-20-x01
Neo rings: https://sumag.net/r-27-16-05-n-x01
Big Sphere: https://sumag.net/k-40-c-x01

If you want to make the magnetic slime home look at my video

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