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Magnetic Motor Homopolar , Magnet Car V2


The previous video “Simple Magnet Car” had the limitation that the engine could only travel on a conductive path. with this system I have eliminated the problem by bringing back the road :-). just an aluminum foil and a sheet of cardboard to build a conductive tube which rotates together with the motor.
The quality of the battery and the power of the neodimyum magnets are increasingly important, and the polarity of the magnets is always the same. i remember you below.

S-N battery N-S (With this configuration wheel on one side)
N-S battery S-N (With this configuration wheel on the other side)
S-N-S battery N (Do Not Work)
N-S battery N-S (Do Not Work)

to make the rotor I used :
a high quality rechargeable battery
2 Neodymium magnets of 15x4mm with hole
2 Neodymium magnets 20×10 mm http://www.supermagnete.com/S-20-10-N

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